• Privacy Policy

  • The privacy, confidence and trust of those visiting YanktonSD.com are important to Yankton Thrive and our partners.

    To protect your privacy, no personally identifiable information is collected during your time on
    YanktonSD.com unless voluntarily provided as part of an activity on the site.

    Collection of Information

    Yankton Thrive only collects the information needed to provide
    the information and functions on the site requested by an individual. “Personal information” is
    any information that would allow administrators of the site to personally identify the individual
    who provided the specific information. This information includes the user’s name, address or
    phone number, etc. This personal information is only collected when provided voluntarily for a
    specific transaction, request additional information from Yankton Thrive
     or complete an activity that requests personal information.

    Yankton Thrive also uses Google Analytics to collect information about
    our visitors’ experiences on the website and statistical performance of the website—including
    number of pages visited, frequency of visitors to the site, general location information, etc.
    Additionally, the website collects demographic information including age, gender, interests and
    other information about users as a whole. This information cannot be used to identify an
    individual on the site and is used as a way for the YanktonSD.com to understand how
    visitors are using the site so Yankton Thrive may provide a better online experience.

    This website is not directed to anyone located outside of the United States, and this website is
    controlled, operated, and administered by Yankton Thrive from the
    Yankton Thrive offices within the United States of America.  We do not knowingly offer goods or services to
    data subjects outside of the United States or monitor the behavior of persons (data subjects)
    located outside of the United States.  By using or continuing to use this website, you are confirming
    that you are located within the United States, and agree that you will not provide personal
    information, or otherwise use this website, if you are located outside of the United States.  While
    this website does not knowingly solicit, collect or store the personal information of international
    users, through fraud, deceit, or other unauthorized or inadvertent disclosure, Yankton Thrive may receive
    personal information pertaining to individuals located outside of the United States.  If a person
    located outside of the United States becomes aware that he or she has provided us personal
    information, as defined in Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please
    contact us at: thrive@yanktonsd.com, and upon verifying the information, Yankton Thrive will
    immediately delete the unauthorized information from our servers and records.

    Use of Information

    Yankton Thrive uses personal information voluntarily provided by
    users to complete transactions and provide additional information as requested by individual
    users. The information you voluntarily provided may be shared with other partners if the
    information requested or the transaction process must run through our partners to be
    completed. In these cases, individuals may receive the requested information directly from
    these partners. YanktonSD.com also uses information collected through Google Analytics
    (age, gender, interests) to optimize our website and improve our services. Website users can
    opt-out of Google Analytics services here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.


    This site and other applications on this site may use cookies. Cookies prevent visitors to the
    website from having to re-supply information they’ve supplied in the past to the website. You
    can disable cookies on your browser or notify you when a website attempts to send you a
    cookie. You may also manually delete cookies from your hard drive.

    Website Security

    Visitors’ private information is important to Yankton Thrive, and
    we are committed to securing any information you share on the site.

    Links to Other Sites

    This site may also provide links to other sites outside of YanktonSD.com. Yankton Thrive is not responsible for the content, protection of personal information or the privacy practices of these sites.

    Contact Information

    For additional questions and inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact:

    Yankton Thrive 
    803 East 4th St.
    Yankton, SD 57078

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