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  • Kids who have a passion for making and selling things will have the opportunity to present their wares at Market at the Meridian on Saturday, August 10. Kid-preneur Day will feature a variety of vendors under age 18 at the northeast corner of 2nd and Douglas from 9:00 AM to noon.
    “Children make and sell things for a variety of reasons,” Veronica Trezona, an organizer of the Market, said. “Some just get involved in a hobby and it grows to the point where they need to sell some things. Others are good at something and decide to sell it to raise money. Some keep the money for the future; some donate it to a cause.
    “There are also 4-H members who sew, bake, raise plants and animals and do a whole bunch more,” Trezona added.
    Two “kid-preneurs” already sell items from their parents’ or grandparents’ booths.
    Rhett sells birdhouses. He just turned six, so isn’t allowed to operate a power saw yet. His dad cuts the pieces of wood to Rhett’s specifications. He puts them together and, sometimes, paints them. He leaves the wood unfinished on other houses.
    Josh makes para-cord bracelets and key chains. The bright colors are attractive and the products very durable. Interested in flying airplanes, he is saving the money earned to buy a remote-control plane. A friend taught Josh how to make bracelets, and he enjoys designing them .
    Those under 18 must register with the Market to make sure they meet all the regulations for sales. August 7 is the last day to sign up for a booth. Contact us on the Market at the Meridian Facebook page or call or text Veronica Trezona at (605)660-5612 or send an email to vtrezona@hotmail.com.


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