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    In the early days of American history, the famed explorers Lewis & Clark stopped on the shores of the Missouri River and visited the Mother City of the Dakotas: Yankton. Today, the city is livelier than ever and a favorite for families, campers, boaters and history buffs. Explore Yankton, South Dakota, and discover one of the Midwest’s hidden gems.

    The Start of South Dakota’s Story

    Yankton may be South Dakota’s most historic town, but the river that it created is timeless.

    Life in Yankton has always revolved around the Missouri River. Native Americans followed the river’s flow to their destinations centuries ago. They named the land E-Hank-Ton-Wan, which means “people of the end village.”

    Without the Missouri, Yankton might not exist. The river brought steamboats and their captains to Yankton. Steamboats brought not only color and expansion to the budding town; they also brought technology and skilled people.

    Now, the river provides recreation to hundreds of thousands of people who walk its shores every year. Visit and see what the Missouri means to you.

    Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about our great city – Yankton, South Dakota and the surrounding area.


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