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    About Us

    5 Star Communications strives to serve the communities of where we are located. We are here to offer a voice for the listeners of our stations, so that they may be informed and kept up to date on the latest news and events that affect our listeners. We strive to give our listeners a steady voice in tough times, and we also strive to share in our listener's celebrations. That is why we want to be where you go when you need to know. Our dedication to the local news and weather will provide our community a sense of pride, and a sense of preparedness.

    5 Star Communications also strives to help our communities by offering competitive advertising, as we believe in the ''Shop Local'' mentality. Our advertisers expect us to offer great service, and in return, we will provide a voice for them to reach their potential consumers. 5 Star Communications is dedicated to providing great service for our clients and helping them reach their highest goals.


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