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  • Engineering Manager

    Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc.
    Job Description
    Basic Function
    To serve as manager of all engineering activities with full responsibility for ensuring that drawings and specifications for equipment are produced to required standards in a timely and efficient manner.
    Primary Duties and Responsibilities
     1. Product Design:  Oversee the development of new, and improvement of existing, products for the aggregate and mining industries.  Work directly with the Sales Manager, President, and Product Managers in developing these product objectives. 2. Organization Staffing and Development:  Staff, develop, maintain, and direct a staff of exempt and non-exempt personnel in engineering, drafting, and engineering support functions to attain divisional goals and objectives. 

    3. Engineering and Drafting Scheduling:  Plan, direct, and coordinate the engineering and drafting functions to meet the needs of production, product development, and application (sales assistance). 

    4. Standards Development and Implementation:  Develop and implement standards used to insure products produced are in compliance with common industry practice, safety regulations and quality objectives. 

    5. Systems:  Develop and implement standards to insure that bills of material are in compliance with system chosen for manufactured products. 

    6. Sales Support:  Assists sales personnel in preparing specifications and costs for quoting variations of standard products.  Work directly with dealers and/or customers on special products from conceptual stage to preparing complete specifications and quotation for required equipment.  Analyze engineering specifications submitted with bid requests for non-standard equipment to determine feasibility of quoting and, in turn, producing equipment as specified with consideration given to engineering and production capabilities.

    7. Cost Reduction:  Responsible for analyzing job cost reports and implementing design changes to improve profit margin where required while maintaining or improving product quality. 

    8. Welding Program:  Share responsibility with Production Management and Quality Assurance Manager for developing, implementing and maintaining a welding program, including weld design, process selection and application, and welder training. 

    9. Manufacturing Support:  Provide engineering assistance as requested by the Plant Manager for design of shop production equipment. 

    10. Reporting Responsibilities:  Develop and furnish reports to the President on an annual basis to aid in short- and long-range business planning for the Division.  Periodically report progress of planned programs and recommend deviations because of new developments. 

    11.Service:  Assist Service Manager in implementing and maintaining service regulations.

    12.Technical Publications:  Responsible for the coordination of the work of this department in providing technical manuals, handling patent and copyright matters, and addressing litigation.Executes internal Sarbanes-Oxley control responsibilities with diligence and integrity. These internal control responsibilities are communicated to the person fulfilling this position, and periodic feedback is provided as it relates to performance of internal control responsibilities. 

    Essential Qualifications
    1. Ability to work well with others and demonstrate good oral and written communication skills.

    Essential Functions

    1. Ability to operate necessary office equipment and tools to perform engineering functions which include CAD systems.
    2. Ability to travel by air and land.
    3. Ability to perform duties in environments which include heavy industrial setting, quarry/pit locations, and construction sites with associated air pollutants and noise levels.
    4. Ability to climb on equipment, etc. to inspect, troubleshoot, or gather design information.

    Education Requirements

    1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering.
     2. Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Business Administration or P.E. registration desirable.
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