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  • Executive Director

    Lewis & Clark Theatre Company
    Job Description
    The Executive Director is the face of Lewis and Clark Theatre Company (LCTC). Summary: The Executive Director is responsible for the daily management of Lewis and Clark Theatre Company (LCTC) and assisting the board in achievement of its mission and financial objectives.

    Primary Responsibilities; • Work with the board to develop programs including fundraising, maintenance and growth of season membership campaign, coordination of special events, grant writing, Capital campaign, and Playbill campaign. • Oversee and implement strategies to grow annual revenue, through fundraising, season memberships, playbill ads, show sponsors, Dakota Theater rental, and production attendance. • Maintain active events calendar and coordinate with potential production directors and facility committee. • Ensure publications, website, and social media are updated on a regular basis. • Works with staff, consultants, and board to ensure strong communications across all program areas to strengthen LCTC’s overall effectiveness. • Coordinate public relations and serve as community liaison. • Recruiting and scheduling, of staff and volunteers. • Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates volunteers, staff, and customers. • Implementing and maintaining budgetary expectation of the Board. • Work with the treasurer of the board of directors in preparing a budget and annual fundraising plan; see that the organization operates within budget guidelines.

    Other Information:
    To apply please send your resume to lctc@midconetwork.com .
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