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  • Planning Commissioner


    Job Title: Planning Commissioner

    Appointment Period: 3 years

    Appointing Body: Yankton County Commission

    Meeting Expectations: Monthly, plus additional meetings as required

    Staff Support: Yankton County Zoning Administration Personnel

    Authorizing Statute: SDCL 11-2-2


    General Statement of Planning Commission Duties:

    Prepares and amends the county comprehensive plan

    Prepares and amends the county zoning ordinance and map

    Develops subdivision and any other land use regulations

    Conducts public hearings to obtain input on plans, ordinances, and applications

    Advises the County Commission on zoning-related requests and policy issues

    Prescribes appropriate conditions and safeguards in conformity with the ordinance

    Assists the County Commission with special studies or other land use related research

    Necessary Skills:

    Listens, without interjecting personal opinions or comments

    Knows of, or willingness to learn about, county land use issues and responsibilities

    Considers all points of view and interests

    Commits to being prepared for meetings by reviewing applicable information in advance

    Communicates with fellow commissioners and the public in a courteous and professional manner

    Seeks answers to relevant questions and impartially analyzes information

    Comprehends and applies zoning regulations to pending applications

    Role Expectations:

    Ability to sustain harmonious working relationships with commission members, county officials, residents, and the public

    Treat fellow officials, staff, and the public with courtesy, even during a disagreement

    Excuse themselves from discussion and decisions when experiencing a conflict of interest.

    Committed to attending all meetings unless prevented by an acceptable excuse. Three (3) unexcused absences in a 12 month period are grounds for dismissal from the Commission

    Avoid commenting about ongoing commission proceedings, outside of official meetings

    Give full considerations to all aspects of a project, including protection of the environment

    Lay aside any personal experiences or biases that may contribute to prejudging a decision




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