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  • Advice for Businesses

  • Look to our office, staff, and resources to be your partner to guide you through this unprecedented time and situation. We exist to support our members and local economy, and want to share sound advice to help your business remain stable and secure.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to your Yankton Chamber of Commerce with any needs or concerns you have.


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  • It's hard to know where to start in a situation like this, so we've created a list of things you as a business should consider.


    1. It goes without saying, but maintain a healthy work environment. Learn what that means here.
    2. Stay informed on this ever-changing situation by visiting our trusted resources links often.
    3. Create a plan and a checklist for your organization to follow. Use the CDC's template to get you started. (view checklist)
    4. Identify your company's essential functions & the needed employees to perform them.
    5. Be prepared to shift and pivot as demand for your product changes.
    6. Get creative with how you can change up your services or the way you operate to maximize on society's needs right now.
    7. Consider ways to minimize loss of revenue during times of social distancing.
    8. Communicate internally. Let your employees contribute to the conversation and have input. Train them on prevention, symptoms, and steps if they contract it. (Information here.)
    9. Communicate externally. Let your customers and stakeholders know what your plan is and what to expect from your company.
    10. Cross-train employees so when an employee is sick or needs to stay home with family, another employee is ready to keep operations moving.
    11. Try to allow employees to work remotely when possible.
    12. Stagger shifts to lessen the amount of people in one place at one time.


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